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  • stumptown black and white buffalo photography
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The Highlander Series

"Stumptown" Black and White Bison Photography

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"Stumptown" - Antelope Island, Utah - Edition of 35

Bison have to be one of the best subjects for black and white photography. Bison are powerful, majestic, and intelligent animals. You can tell there's a lot of wisdom trapped beneath their thick fur and pointed horns. 

This particular bison was definitely the leader of the pack. He lead the bison herd a mere 15 feet in from of our car, and we carefully photographed while hanging out our car window on Antelope island in Utah. Antelope island is home to one of the largest and oldest free-range herd of bison left in the United States. Bison have been a longstanding symbol of freedom, strength, and self determination, and it is a pleasure trying to capture these sentiments in a photograph.