The "Highlander Series" is a new body of work that focuses on simplistic portraits of woolly farm animals. This series has been a collaboration between husband and wife team, Lijah and Gabby Hanley. They have had a great time trying to capture the whimsy, power, and personalities of these different animals found down American backroads.  Lijah and his wife, Gabby, converted a Mercedes Sprinter into an RV, and set off to photograph the United States. Five years, 100,000 miles, and 49 states later (Alaska we're coming for you!), they are still chasing the light. 

We intentionally use very high ISOs to create the appearance of film grain, and to add texture and warmth to each image. Images in this series are printed in small, fine art editions of 35 for prints 24x36 and over, and editions of 100 for prints 20x30 and under. Prints come on museum grade photographic paper for superior fade resistance and are framed using the highest gallery standards. 

Lijah and Gabby Hanley are a husband and wife team from Washington state. They have been photographing professionally since 2013. They love merging their passion for photography with their love for interior design. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions, we'd love to get a limited edition piece headed your way.


Photographers Lijah and Gabby Hanley