Black and white prints of horses on the beach.

Horses on the Beach in Black and White

Two of my favorite things came together last summer on a trip to Iceland-- horses and the beach. I had always envisioned an image of horses running free on a deserted beach, but to have this take place in Iceland only added to the fantasy.

We teamed up with a local garlic farmer, AKA Mr. Iceland, who has a herd of horses near one of the incredible black sand beaches. His herd of horses was partially domesticated and partially wild horses. The Icelandic winters are so brutal that it is not uncommon for wild horses and sheep to join domesticated herds to make it through the winters.

Mr. Iceland was kind enough to bring a portion of his herd down to a private black sand beach and let them run free for several hours for us to photograph. It was a surreal experience getting to photograph these beautiful horses frolicking in the deep black sand, with nothing but the crashing waves behind them. Black and white photography was the perfect medium to capture this incredible scene. The black and white really showcases the beautiful texture and movement in these coastal beach horses.

All of our black and white photographs of horses on the beach are in limited editions of 35. You can explore the entire collection of images and choose a piece for your home here.


"Running Wild" black and white print of horses on the beach. "Running Wild"  Two horses trot down an empty black sand beach in Southern Iceland. 

"Gust" a black and white print of a horse on a beach in iceland. "Gust" A horse braces against blustery sands on the beach in Southern Iceland. 


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